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Buto is a narrative game in a lush world that tells a deep and emotional story that tries to make people look at life differently.

At a Glance

Developer | Tinyhands of Auckland, New Zealand
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About Us

Buto came out of a student project at Media Design School, Auckland through a vertical slice developed by Marc Loths, Annaliese Bevan, Anne Cho and Amber Julian in 2017. At that point, Amber moved on to a different team and the remaining members of Tinyhands proceeded to butcher and reinvent Buto several times until settling on a gold build that was worlds removed from its previous iterations. Marc and Annaliese are now moving on with Corne Coetzee to finish the game and release it chapter by chapter.



Logo and Poster Files

You can get the files for our logos and posters here

Current Team

Marc Loths | Art, Code, Narrative, Other |@OldLoths

Annaliese Bevan | Animation, UI, Narrative, Character Concepts |

Anne Cho | Code