The Big Content Update

We’re back again with another update for Buto! We’ve decided to more or less double the content in the demo and address some more kinks we saw in everyone’s let’s plays. This is (probably) going to be the final update to this version, unless there’s any issues that come up that need to be patched. From here on out, we’ll keep working on finishing the game and we’re aiming to release the full version by the end of February next year. Thanks for all the kind words, we’ll have a fantastic game for you all soon!

As always, you can download and play the game on our here!

– Gave villagers a purpose
– Added pockets to Buto’s cape
– Built some bridges
– Fertilized the grass
– Stabilized the camera
– Invited Lou to sunbathe
– Gave Joy a lift from the Land of Joy
– Invented fortoises
– Gave Buto memories and a continue button
– Had a weird dream

The Market Update


We’re back again with a couple of quick fixes while we’re working on finishing the rest of chapter 1! A lot of this is from the feedback on all your let’s plays, minus the issues with the camera and the occasional freeze when interacting with something the first time. We’re working on those, but they’ll take a little longer I’m afraid.

– Markedly marked up market demarcations
– Added a little nip to put a telescope by port
– Added minor disappointments
– Told Buto off for walking into the flower river. He promised to not do it again.
– Built fences
– Daisychained cameras
– Gave the game a fresh coat of paint (Mac only)

You can grab the new version on our!

Buto Visits!


We’ve finally released the demo on, and you can grab it here!

This is the build we’ve taken to Auckland Armageddon and Pax Australia, with a few minor improvements all around. It’s been really heartwarming to see the response so far and the crazy amount of downloads (almost 400!), not to mention the cool fact that we got featured on the front page!


Big changes are coming!

Yep, as usual we have decided to change thing up rather a lot! Nothing is set in stone for us, ever…

We have been feeling that emotions as a core theme of our game hadn’t been utilised entirely well through gameplay. This has been emphasised with feedback from all kinds of playtesters, from game designers to hardcore players to casual players. The battle scene was unclear and there were too many separate elements.

So, with the battle scenes, we’ve decided to go in a very different direction. They are no longer battle scenes per say. Instead, it will be turn based, and the core gameplay will be dialogue based. You will want to draw the ‘enemy’ towards you with words that evoke certain emotions. So, with that said, here is a basic diagram of the idea…


In this case, your opponent is Peace. Randomised statements from each set of emotions will be on screen and you pick one of them. In this case, as the opposite of Peace is Fear on the board, you will want to use mostly Fear statements. It is up to you to figure out what statements evoke Fear, however.

So, for example, there would be… say, 6 statements to choose from. They could be Peace, Joy, Wonder, Despair, Fear, and Rage.. BUT! There are also statements that are combinations of 2 emotions. Eg, Fear + Joy (Anticipation). Examples of a statement would be something like “I know it’s scary, but you can do it!” And those statements will nudge you towards both emotions. In total, there are 21 emotions to choose from.

After your turn, the enemy will drain your Will by a small amount. If you run out of Will before you pull the enemy towards yourself, then you lose. If you pull the enemy towards yourself before you run out of Will, then you win.

It’s complicated to write out but we guarantee it will be a simple mechanic. Just with a ton of writing behind it. We will be doing dialogue somewhat tailored to each enemy character, with 4 options for each emotion, so 84 lines per enemy character give or take as we can reuse lines for other characters.

There are other changes we are making as well, so stay tuned.

It will be an interesting undertaking, but we believe we can do it!