The Big Content Update

We’re back again with another update for Buto! We’ve decided to more or less double the content in the demo and address some more kinks we saw in everyone’s let’s plays. This is (probably) going to be the final update to this version, unless there’s any issues that come up that need to be patched. From here on out, we’ll keep working on finishing the game and we’re aiming to release the full version by the end of February next year. Thanks for all the kind words, we’ll have a fantastic game for you all soon!

As always, you can download and play the game on our here!

– Gave villagers a purpose
– Added pockets to Buto’s cape
– Built some bridges
– Fertilized the grass
– Stabilized the camera
– Invited Lou to sunbathe
– Gave Joy a lift from the Land of Joy
– Invented fortoises
– Gave Buto memories and a continue button
– Had a weird dream

The Market Update


We’re back again with a couple of quick fixes while we’re working on finishing the rest of chapter 1! A lot of this is from the feedback on all your let’s plays, minus the issues with the camera and the occasional freeze when interacting with something the first time. We’re working on those, but they’ll take a little longer I’m afraid.

– Markedly marked up market demarcations
– Added a little nip to put a telescope by port
– Added minor disappointments
– Told Buto off for walking into the flower river. He promised to not do it again.
– Built fences
– Daisychained cameras
– Gave the game a fresh coat of paint (Mac only)

You can grab the new version on our!

The Sky Update


Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the kind words so far, we’re really blown away! Just here to deliver the Sky Update for the demo since we finally replaced the placeholder mountain in the background. It’s just on Windows right now but we’ll do some testing on Mac later on to bring that build up to date as well.


  • Made clouds happen
  • Raised a mountain
  • Taught Buto to walk on right click
  • Made walls camera proof
  • Shushed the crickets

The build is up for download on!

Buto Visits!


We’ve finally released the demo on, and you can grab it here!

This is the build we’ve taken to Auckland Armageddon and Pax Australia, with a few minor improvements all around. It’s been really heartwarming to see the response so far and the crazy amount of downloads (almost 400!), not to mention the cool fact that we got featured on the front page!

Buto visits Armageddon


We got to showcase Buto at Armageddon through the Media Design School booth, and we had a blast! A lot of people came through and played the game and it’s really starting to look like all our hard work is finally paying off with seeing people having fun with what we’ve made.

There’s still a very long way to go, but we’ve finally found a core game that’s really enjoyable and really works for us.

Buto’s New Coat of Fresh Paint

For the longest time, we had never ending problems with lights in Buto. I’ll spare you the details, but it was a problem with the Unity-chan shader we were using for literally everything. It’s a really great shader, but it isn’t meant to be used for environment, and is it turns out that’s because it doesn’t work very well with limited range lights.

While on the lookout for a fix, I came across David Leon’s write-up on next-gen cel shading in Unity, which looked like something that might be useful. I threw it into Buto and fiddled with it a little bit, and the results are absolutely stunning! The best part is, it overwrites the standard shader, so once it’s in, there’s no extra setup required. Except for switching over every material in the game, of course.


A New Beginning!


What a surprise, we’re overhauling the game once again. I mean this is what game development is all about, right? Iteration and stuff? Anyway, we’re revamping the story and adding actual gameplay. Anni has already talked about some of the story things, so allow me to handle the gameplay side.

For one, we’re axing the linearity of the game. All our playtesters so far liked the world and the characters and a lot of them said they wanted to explore more when the game wouldn’t let them. So we’re going to make it so! Instead of having to sit through a cutscene masquerading as a game, you’ll now be able to go anywhere you please. We’re going to add little interactions, puzzles and easter eggs all over the Land of Peace so you can explore the world and the story at your own pace!

Did someone say puzzles? That’s right! We’ve already had the emotion based powers in place, but we’re going to go whole hog now. Soon Buto will be able to draw power from things in the world and use it on other things!

So what’s that about the Land of Peace? Buto is now going an episodic route, think Life is Strange. We’re going to focus on the first chapter in the Land of Peace, so that we can add so much needed depth to the game before starting work on the other episodes. Which also means we’ll release that first episode when it’s done!

All in all, there’s a lot of work coming towards us over the next few weeks, but somehow we’ve managed to make it less work than it would have been if we hadn’t changed everything again. So look forward to that!

Interview with Wonder


Who do you look up to?
Master Surprise! He does magic! Did you know he does magic? It’s so cooooool!

What do you like?
I like sunrises! And pretty trees! And rivers! And purple crystals! And cute little mushrooms! I love pretty landscapes and I really like magic! And I really like reading even though I find it sort of hard. But all those exciting stories are worth it!

What don’t you like?
Vanilla flavoured ice cream!

Where are you from?
I grew up in Fascination, but I’ve been living in Awe, the capital of the Land of Wonder for a while. I moved here to be Master Surprise’s student, and I really like it here! It’s such a big place, every day is exciting!

What do you do for fun?
Besides picking mushrooms, I love practicing my magic and also diving off the side of the city into the channel! It’s the greatest feeling in the world!

What’s your biggest fear?
Boredom! I can’t stand the thought of having nothing to do and not having anything exciting to be amazed by.

What’s your goal in life?
I want to be a mage! Just like Master Surprise! I’ve been practicing my magic, but every time I do a trick, Master Surprise already knows how I’ve done it. My favourite trick is the one where you cover a dragonfly with a sheet and it disappears! I still haven’t figured out how Master Surprise does it!

What problems are you facing?
There was something I was worried about this morning, but I forgot what it was! Oh deary me, what was it…? Hold on, I need to remember. Oh! Look at this cute butterfly! Isn’t it amazing how they can fly?

What are you good at?
I’m an amazing cook! Master Surprise always gets me to make dinner!

What are you bad at?
Paying attention. One time, I was helping Master Surprise in the study and I knocked over one of the vials. Did you know that the purple ink we use is made from super sparkly crystals? I walk past them whenever I go picking mushrooms. What was the question?

What’s your favourite food?
Purple mushroom soup! Iove picking them, they’re always so pretty!

What do you hope tomorrow will be like?
I hope something exciting happens! Maybe Master Surprise comes up with more funny shenanigans!

What’s your favourite memory?
On time, Master Surprise set fire to the study, as a joke. It was a little scary but really exciting! We all got to carry water from the channel to put it out!

Interview with Joy


Who do you look up to?
Papa Glee! He’s the mage of Joy and he’s hilariant! Always makes me laugh with his jokes!

What do you like?
Everything! Can I say everything? Is that okay? I really, really like everything, though!

What don’t you like?
This question!

Where are you from?
Jubilation! It’s really beautiful there! You should visit, you’ll love it I’m sure! Everyone should come to Jubilation!

What do you do for fun?
I LOVE to dance! It makes me so happy!

What’s your biggest fear?
I’m really really REALLY scared of tortoises! I mean, they’re really really adoraful, but one of them bit my toe once and now I don’t like going near them.

What’s your goal in life?
I just want to be happy! So I’ve already done it? Is that how this question works? I also want to go on an adventure some day, but Papa Glee says it’s too dangerous.

What problems are you facing?
This morning there was a tortoise outside my door, so I had to sneak out through the window!

What are you good at?
I can sing! I love singing! Sometimes I dance while singing, but then I run out of breath real quick.

What are you bad at?
I don’t know… Papa Glee says I’m a little naive, but I don’t know what that means. It doesn’t mean that I dress badly, does it?! I hope not!

What’s your favourite food?
I love lemons! They’re really sour, but they’re so funny to eat!

What do you hope tomorrow will be like?
I hope the sun shines tomorrow!

What’s your favourite memory?
When I first met Papa Glee! I climbed up one of the towers and was singing and dancing on the roof. He saw me and sang a song with me and we danced our way back to the ground! He still can’t sing very well, but he’s been looking out for me ever since!