Buto the Spooko


With Halloween coming up, Buto’s decided to have a little dress up party! See if you can find his outfit on the Demo Build, but you’ll have to hurry before Halloween is over!

Buto Animations!

We needed Buto to be even more expressive! So, I got going on adding animations that match up with the audio.

I also spent a lot of the week writing out interactions between villagers, Buto and Peace. I went around and screenshotted areas in which there could be additional dialogue. I also helped with camera shot placement and design, and did some paintovers to illustrate how to show players where they need to go clearer.

Buto Visits Itch.io!


We’ve finally released the demo on itch.io, and you can grab it here!

This is the build we’ve taken to Auckland Armageddon and Pax Australia, with a few minor improvements all around. It’s been really heartwarming to see the response so far and the crazy amount of downloads (almost 400!), not to mention the cool fact that we got featured on the front page!


Armageddon was amazing!

I headed to the convention early with another colleague of mine, who was showcasing his game in the morning. I had a chance to look around with others before our afternoon showcase. This was actually my first convention so everything was fascinating to me! I bought a couple of posters and other merchandise for my friends too.

Anyways, onto the showcasing. It was.. interesting. We got some feedback and we were able to analyze how people progressed through our game. We could see some difficulty and we could see why people were confused. Dialogue and events had to be more clear for the players and we noted down several changes we could make for a better play through experience.

For example, in the very first scene in Peace’s house, people would often get lost after examining the kitchen chest. The next objective after examining the chest is to talk to Peace, but this was not very clear in the game. We added in a single dialogue line that made it clear that you had to talk to Peace again, and it worked perfectly for our showcasing the next day.
What Anni saw from the players was drastically different to what I saw because of all the changes we made. We made everything very clear for the Monday showcasing so Anni rarely saw any struggle from the players.

This really opened my eyes again as to how invaluable play testing and feedback is.

Buto visits Armageddon


We got to showcase Buto at Armageddon through the Media Design School booth, and we had a blast! A lot of people came through and played the game and it’s really starting to look like all our hard work is finally paying off with seeing people having fun with what we’ve made.

There’s still a very long way to go, but we’ve finally found a core game that’s really enjoyable and really works for us.

Preparations for Armageddon

Auckland Armageddon is happening! It starts from Friday the 20th of October till Monday the 23rd and our team will be presenting on Sunday & Monday!
Marc and I will be showcasing Buto on Sunday afternoon and Anni & Marc will be presenting on Monday morning.

We need to make sure that our game is playable and doesn’t exhibit any game-breaking bugs. But we also need to make sure that our game runs smoothly and feels satisfying to play.

I’ve been working on a couple of things, a pause menu and a loading screen.
Until now, we’ve had a black screen fade in and out for loading and we didn’t have any kind of menu that the player could access during the game.

I’ve made a loading screen that activates whenever a scene is about to be loaded. It fades to black, shows a canvas which will be a customized loading screen and then fades out to the next scene. Marc is going to have fun with that!


Buto’s New Coat of Fresh Paint

For the longest time, we had never ending problems with lights in Buto. I’ll spare you the details, but it was a problem with the Unity-chan shader we were using for literally everything. It’s a really great shader, but it isn’t meant to be used for environment, and is it turns out that’s because it doesn’t work very well with limited range lights.

While on the lookout for a fix, I came across David Leon’s write-up on next-gen cel shading in Unity, which looked like something that might be useful. I threw it into Buto and fiddled with it a little bit, and the results are absolutely stunning! The best part is, it overwrites the standard shader, so once it’s in, there’s no extra setup required. Except for switching over every material in the game, of course.


Prettifying the mini-games!

Concepts and frame for the mini-games have been passed to me so I’ve been working on adjusting my current mini-games to fit Anni’s concepts.

fear game

The “Fear” mini-game

As I’m adding the new assets in, I’m having to make a few adjustments to the games. The most difficult task is making the animations feel really nice for some of the games.