Designing the minigames

We decided to add a mini game element to the game play. I played around with the concepts – evoking the feeling of the power as you play the game. Eg, click as much as you can for rage – avoid spikes for fear, etc. Not only that, but the shapes and animations used also fitting in with the established UI style. I quickly sketched a bunch of options.


After which I got an idea of where I was going with this. I fully concepted them out and wrote up a little guide for Anne to implement them. Still pretty rough ideas at this point.

Joy to the world!

The Joy game is now complete!

I was contemplating between the Stardew Valley Fishing game or just a simple left/right movement with click to move a block that catches falling objects. I felt that the latter was too simple and common so I decided to go with the Stardew Valley Fishing game! Now, I haven’t played Stardew Valley before (GASP) so Marc showed me some videos of the gameplay and it seemed super interesting and new to me!

So far, everything seems to be fine for all the games, although they still lack a lot of polish and juiciness, including the assets, which I will be putting in over the next week I believe? Anni will be working on the UI and I’m aware that she’s already got some concepts going 😀 I’m super excited for that yaaaay!

On to Fear next!

Break time is over

Our mid-semester break is over! Aaand I actually managed to work on the mini-game a little bit during the break too.

The peace game is finally finished and now I can work on the rest of the games! I still have Joy and Fear to finish.

As for the current state of our game, Marc and Anni has been working so hard on making our little village the best place to explore in! There are all these silly easter eggs and the dialogue lines are hysterical, I love it!
I also absolutely love the aesthetics of our game and most of the time when I’m looking at our game, I feel like I haven’t done anything compared to them 😦
Such is the life of a lone programming wolf.

Any-who, I’ll continue to put these mini-games out and I hope to see them in the game in the near future!

Bubble bubble pop pop!

Bubbles? Where?!

Initially, our peace game required the player to move their mouse over a series of points in a specific order. This was very similar to a game that I prototyped last year called Constellar, where we had to click between different stars to form links. However, while I was putting this into place, I found it very unsatisfying to just hover over a series of points with no other objective. So I wanted to change it somehow to make it feel more rewarding.

After some discussion with Marc, we decided to have it so that players have to click on a series of points rather than having to hover over them. We also decided to include bubbles into the mini game so that when you click on a bubble, it’ll pop! The point you have to click is indicated by the size of the bubble. For now, we have it so that a bubble will grow in size so that the player knows which one to pop. After that big bubble is popped, another bubble will grow in size, and repeat until all the bubbles have been popped.

Our mid-semester break is coming up and I’ll probably be working on the mini games from time to time (hopefully haha).
Until then, ta ta!

A New Beginning!


What a surprise, we’re overhauling the game once again. I mean this is what game development is all about, right? Iteration and stuff? Anyway, we’re revamping the story and adding actual gameplay. Anni has already talked about some of the story things, so allow me to handle the gameplay side.

For one, we’re axing the linearity of the game. All our playtesters so far liked the world and the characters and a lot of them said they wanted to explore more when the game wouldn’t let them. So we’re going to make it so! Instead of having to sit through a cutscene masquerading as a game, you’ll now be able to go anywhere you please. We’re going to add little interactions, puzzles and easter eggs all over the Land of Peace so you can explore the world and the story at your own pace!

Did someone say puzzles? That’s right! We’ve already had the emotion based powers in place, but we’re going to go whole hog now. Soon Buto will be able to draw power from things in the world and use it on other things!

So what’s that about the Land of Peace? Buto is now going an episodic route, think Life is Strange. We’re going to focus on the first chapter in the Land of Peace, so that we can add so much needed depth to the game before starting work on the other episodes. Which also means we’ll release that first episode when it’s done!

All in all, there’s a lot of work coming towards us over the next few weeks, but somehow we’ve managed to make it less work than it would have been if we hadn’t changed everything again. So look forward to that!

Hope ahead

After about a week of messing around, trying things out, crying, raging, etc. We have finally settled on opening up the world some more. We decided to have interiors and interactable objects around the world.

I did some very quick concepts of how their rooms would be set out. Top is Buto and Peace’s house, bottom is Elder Amity’s house.

Let the games begin!

I have started working on the framework for our mini game!

As of right now, the basic mini games (Rage, Wonder, Despair) are functional as they were very easy to implement and now I’ll be working on the more complex ones.

I have already started with the Fear game, which will be the bullet hell dodging game.

After I’m done with Fear, I’ll be working on Peace and then I’ll decide what I want to do with Joy. I think I’ll be going with the Stardew Valley fishing game though, but we’ll see!

So far, I’m enjoying putting all these games together, as I haven’t had a lot to do much lately, so this is a nice change of pace for me~

Mini Games!

A few days ago, Marc brought up the idea of assigning mini games for each emotion.

He gave me a description of what each mini game should be like and also showed me some examples from the game, “Fantasy Life”.
For now, this is what we have planned:

  • Rage – Spam Click
  • Fear – Bullet Hell dodging
  • Peace – Move the mouse over a series of points in order
  • Despair – Click Hold
  • Joy – Either a Stardew Valley fishing game or Left/Right click to move a block to catch falling objects.
  • Wonder – A slider moves left and right, and you have to click when the slider is in the center.

I really liked the idea of having these mini games in our game because most of the game play right now is exploration and dialogue. So having a little break from that sounds really neat!

I’ll be going over each game over the next couple of days and hopefully we’ll be able to implement them into the game soon!